Cycling really hasn’t changed much in 26 years.

Here are two photos taken 26 years apart just moments before the start of a race. Note the similarities:

The most obvious is Ray, the subject of the photos. He’s still on the same team, and he’s still racing the Pro-1-2. And still starting near the back despite his own advice to start on the front line.

(He’s the guy I reference on p.161 of Reading the Race. Go read it now.)


The scary-weird not-so-obvious similarities in this photo:
1. Someone’s helmet near Ray’s right ear.
2. The rider standing in the same pose with his right leg up and his right hand on his saddle.
3. The rider just to the right of Ray with his right arm extended.
4. The back of a rider on the far right.

Yeah, it’s not the most groundbreaking blog post, but curious nonetheless.

Reading the Race Chris Horner Jamie SmithWhether you’re a new racer, an aspiring pro, a team manager, or even a roadside fan, Reading the Race will elevate your cycling IQ for better racing.

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