I Feel So Used: Cycling Photography, the Mobile PA, and Test Shots

While driving the Mobile PA at all of America’s big tours, I’ve always wondered why the photographers shoot my caravan vehicle as I pass by, yet I almost never see the end result. They never post those photos on Facegunk or Twizzler. I’m about a minute in front of the lead riders. There’s usually no one around me except maybe a CHP car or the media cars. It’s really not that scenic. And yet they always aim their cameras and squeeze off a few rounds like snipers.  Here’s the example:Image

Scroll down.

That’s me in the silver Murano with the speakers on top. And now I know why they shoot me from their secluded hilltops, bridge overpasses, and rocky outcroppings. We’re just a test rabbit for the real photo that’s coming down the road behind us.

I should have known!

Here’s the Amgen email announcing the latest news.

Same photographer: Eibhir  Same scene: 30 seconds later.


It’s a weird kind of fame, but if it helps them frame the shot, get the focus and exposure, I’ll go with it. There are worse ways to be photographed.

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